Robert Anthony Hubbell has been teaching people how to “THINK BETTER” for decades. His long list of credits includes Founder and Executive Director of The Arts & Humanities Cooperative and Founder and President of Explorations of Education. Robert's thought provoking workshops and seminars have received high praise from attendees and host sponsors alike. In addition to his workshops and writing books, articles, and essays, Robert also utilizes unconventional teaching tools to teach people how to “think better” such as avant-garde short films, music videos, and custom printed clothing; he even offers thought provoking, albeit humorous, custom printed toilet paper! Robert can also be seen each week as the host of ThinkBetterTV. As an avid fitness enthusiast he enjoys weight training, cycling, rock climbing and swimming. Robert relishes his time with family & friends, especially watching films, going apple picking, and sharing home cooked meals together. He lives nomadically and can be seen traveling through a city near you!


Fun Facts...


In photographs Mr. Hubbell always seems to be wearing black and white clothes. Is that the only colors he wears?

Answer: Yes*, Mr. Hubbell committed to wearing only black and white clothing as a symbolic gesture over a decade ago. As with his signature logo, limiting his wardrobe to black and white is a symbolic reference to the binary, black and white thinking that constitutes much of contemporary public discourse. "Most people view the world in black and white terms," Hubbell says, "My black and white logo and personal clothing choices are a symbolic mirroring of this. So much of today’s public discourse and contemporary thinking is reductive, based on false dichotomies, black and white thinking; theist vs atheist, conservative vs liberal, straight vs gay, you’re with us or you’re against us..." he continues, "By teaching people how to THINK BETTER I hope to bring about some nuance and heterogeneity into today’s public discourse, to splash a little color onto the world. Until then, I'll continue to wear black and white."

(*except when an occasion requires he honor traditional dress out of respect, or when a performance requires he wear colors to suit character)


Is it true that Mr. Hubbell has an unusual diet?

Answer: Mr. Hubbell practices his “95/5 Nutrition Plan”, aka “The Blubber Belly Buster Diet”, aka “You Probably Would Never Want To Eat This Way Diet” - which consists of 95% or more of fresh, whole; fruits, vegetables, nuts, legumes, small amounts of organic whole grains, some animal protein sources (optional), and plenty of water; then 5% or less of whatever he wants. "I have good discipline with regards to my nutrition and exercise routine," Hubbell explains, "I do indulge in a “5% food” occasionally, such as an all natural coconut ice cream topped with fresh whole fruit and raw almond butter, one of my favorite splurges."


A friend who met Mr. Hubbell at a book signing commented that he was as small as Charlie Chaplin. Is he really of the same physical stature as was the silent film star?

Answer: Mr. Hubbell does indeed fall into the same “smallish” category as Charlie Chaplin, Michael J. Fox, and Dustin Hoffman. "I've always been one of the smallest people in the room ever since childhood," Hubbell enumerates with a smile, "I'm not sure what's more surprising to people when they meet me in person, how small I am, or how little hair I have left!" he laughs.


I’ve heard that Mr. Hubbell has an unconventional sleeping pattern. Is this true?

Answer: Yes. Mr. Hubbell is a polyphasic sleeper. He sleeps for short periods several times throughout a given 24hr. period rather than the standard monophasic sleep pattern of sleeping through the night. Hubbell explains, "I can often be spotted at the gym or creating graphics at 3AM, sleeping at 11AM, at an event promoting a new book at 2PM, sleeping at 5PM, editing a film at 7PM, sleeping at 11PM, taking a run or recording a new song at 4AM and so on. It’s not purposeful, I've just never been one to sleep through the night regularly. I remember as a child taking midday naps under the kitchen table while my mother and her visiting friends all sat around the table sipping tea and chatting."


Is it true Mr. Hubbell lived in a commune?

Yes, though such communities are now more commonly referred to as “intentional communities.” Mr. Hubbell lived full-time, and visited for extended stays, at several such intentional communities through the years. Hubbell explains, “One of the eight foundational skills for THINKING BETTER is to EXPLORE NEW IDEAS, so in that spirit I make an effort to interact and commune with people who may have differing points of view and alternative lifestyles from what I am accustomed to. It helps broaden my knowledge, experience, and ultimately, acceptance of other ways of being in the world.”


What does Mr. Hubbell’s bio mean by living nomadically?

Aside from living in intentional communities, Mr. Hubbell has also lived on the road as a full-time RV’er touring the country. Mr. Hubbell is currently researching and creating a custom design for his next RV in anticipation of expanding his travels over the next several years with the inclusion of all new THINK BETTER workshops, lectures, and performances.




“The Better Your Thinking,

The Better Your Life.”

Robert Anthony Hubbell



"Rather than teach children to memorize answers, we should teach them to Think Better, so they can then discover the answers for themselves."

Robert Anthony Hubbell



"You will never know what it is to be fully alive until your body is. Healthy body, healthy mind.”

Robert Anthony Hubbell



“Intelligence should not be measured by how much you know, but by how much you desire to know.”

Robert Anthony Hubbell



“The wisest among us are not those with the most answers, it is those with the most questions.”

Robert Anthony Hubbell



“It's easy to maintain an unreasonable position when you don't use reason.”

Robert Anthony Hubbell



“Our thoughts create our reality.”

Robert Anthony Hubbell